Mar 12


I’ve got pictures, pictures everywhere! As usual, we had the kids pictures taken at JCPenney’s in January. Then on March 1st, they got their pictures taken for Taekwondo. (Beth started Taekwondo in Jan,) I got a little behind (OK, more … Continue reading

Jan 21

Unexpected reaction

Sunday evening the kids got to open up their birthday presents from Aunt Leigh & Uncle Dave. Beth opened up her gift from Uncle Dave first and I hear: “O.       M.       G.” Just like that, just the letters, with pauses and everything. … Continue reading

Jan 21


So a few weeks back I went out for Girls Night Out. I came home about midnight. Eric says to me “I just busted Alex on his iPad about 15 minutes ago”. I asked how he knew Alex was still … Continue reading

Oct 30

We’re in trouble…

We have started a routine with Beth when we part ways. After saying good-bye, Beth will come running up and say, “Huggy! Kissy!”. I’ll give her an extra hug and kiss and then leave. Shannon has started to help Clement … Continue reading

Sep 12

First Tooth

My baby girl lost her first tooth today. She was so very excited when she discovered it was loose a few weeks ago. She’s been very impatient waiting for it to fall out. Unfortunately, she apparently swallowed it during lunch. … Continue reading