Jun 05

Talent Show

Both of my children participated in this year’s Talent Show. Appropriately they have one every year, but this is the first year that kids under 4th grade were allowed to participate. Everyone had to audition, they picked 10 acts. They … Continue reading

Jun 02

Good News Report

Alex brought home a Good News Report today. In addition to the official form (at the bottom), I received a follow up email from his teacher: GOOD NEWS. Alex is an absolute pleasure to have in class. He is curious … Continue reading

Apr 26


Alex is going to be a published Poet! Mrs. Draeger submitted a poem that Alex wrote for publication into Young American Poetry Digest. (She submitted quite a few, but not necessarily one for each kid.) Alex’s was selected. We’re so … Continue reading

Apr 01


Last Tuesday both kids tested for their next Taekwondo Belts. Today we found out they passed. They did a great job. So now I have an Orange Belt: And a Camo Belt, or as the other advanced belts now refer … Continue reading

Mar 20

Random stuff

A couple of random items that came home from school this week. (Click to view.) From Alex: Leprechaun Comic (You’ll have to figure out how to rotate this, I scanned it into PDF instead of JPG, so I can’t turn … Continue reading

Mar 15

Tom the Turkey

Alex is not my artistic child. Never has, probably never will be. But every so often he gets a project he really likes and he does an amazing job. This was one of those projects. As always, you can click … Continue reading