Alex School Pictures

As long as we keep buying the CD with Alex’s picture on it, I’ll just keep updating this page.

5th Grade (2016):

4th Grade (2015):

3rd Grade (2014):

2nd Grade (2013):

1st Grade (2012):

K5 (2011):

K4 (2010):

14 thoughts on “Alex School Pictures

  1. Wow! what a cute little boy. They grow up faster than you want them to sometimes.

    Love you Alex,
    Aunt Lynn & Uncle Jeff

  2. This is so great to look back and see how he changes. Love you Alex!
    Aunt Mary Ellen

  3. Alex you take great pictures. I am glad I finally got to meet you while we were at Aunt Mary Ellen’s. Enjoy school this year and hope to see you again.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  4. This year’s picture is cute. He isn’t smiling funny like last year. He is sure a cute little kid! He is growing up so fast!

  5. Really cute pictures Alex, Looks like the tooth fairy will be coming to your house.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

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