And he sleeps, part II (not!)

So week two of the Toddler Bed Switch was a complete failure. Well, maybe not complete, but it really didn’t go well.

  • Friday I put him down around 12:30. I went up three times over the next hour. The first time he was in the bed, but not sleeping. I thought he had actually stayed there the whole time, but the pajamas that were now on the bed, that were hanging on the crib, gave him away. The next time it looked like he might have rolled out because he was laying on the floor, next to the pillows that were next to the bed. The last time, he was asleep, on the bed.
  • Saturday we put him down around 1:00. An hour (and four trips) later, I finally put him in the crib, where he slept for the next three hours. One time I went up because he was sitting with his back on the door, bouncing back and forth, making the door clang.
  • Sunday we put him down around 2:00. We had been waiting for Jenna’s maternal grandparents to arrive so they could see him (and to pick up Jenna). 15 minutes later I went upstairs and he was camped out, with turtle, teddy and blanket, behind the rocking chair. I put him back into bed. 15 minutes later I put him in the crib because he was on the floor, next the pillows, kicking the dresser.

So we are 1 for 3 this weekend. It might be a little too early for the switch. But I’m afraid he’ll fall climbing out of the crib. Although we haven’t seen any evidence of this great climbing ability since the day at Barb’s. So I’ll have to decide if I want to try again next weekend or wait another month or two. Any advice would be appreciated.

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