Time to rearrange!

Many, many weeks ago (7 to be exact) we did some rearranging of children’s rooms. It had become apparent that Alex no longer wanted to bunk with Beth, so it was time to move Beth out. Jenna moved into the basement. We still have things to do to get her completely set up. She’s only been here for one visit since the switch, so it wasn’t a priority. Hopefully this weekend I can get her wardrobe set up for her clothes. The rest may be tabled temporarily since we might be having work done in the basement.

Beth moved into Jenna’s room. Which you probably already guessed since I said that Jenna moved into the basement. She was much more excited about that than I thought she would be. We bought a new toy box, just like the one in Alex’s room:

And we put up the Winnie the Pooh pictures, per her request:

I also put some command hooks into her closet to hang up all her dress-up stuff:

Grandma is working on a Hello Kitty curtain to replace one of her curtains. I also put up a Hello Kitty light switch plate.

Beth’s new curtain: (updated 04/19/2013)

It took us about an hour to separate all their toys and get all Beth’s stuff moved into her new room. Ironically, Alex was the one who complained that he missed Beth when it was time to go to bed. 🙂 Of course now Beth has taken to sleeping with a light on, which she didn’t do when she was with Alex. Oh well, Alex went through that phase too. He was a little younger, though. We thought her Dream Lite would prevent this, but so far it isn’t working.

Her Easter present from us was a Bed Tent:

I’m hoping that with the Dream Lite in the tent, it will be a little brighter. Unfortunately, the darn thing picked last night to need new batteries, which I had to recharge first. So we’ll try again tonight.

When we moved Beth out, Alex was somewhat upset that Beth got the new room and not him, so I had appeased him by telling him we could paint his room any color he wanted (within reason) and rearrange the furniture. So two weeks ago, I finally painted Alex’s room. I had hoped to get to it much sooner, but you know how life gets in the way sometimes. The room was pure white, except for the wall that Eric had painted the mural on. The mural is still there. Here’s his new paint color:

His Easter present from us was a 4th set of Wall Tracks. As I painted his room, we rearranged the furniture to give him more space on the walls for his Wall Track sets. See this link for what Wall Tracks are.

So in between phases of cooking Easter dinner, I put all 4 of his sets on the wall. Technically we probably should have waited a few more weeks for the paint to cure, but I didn’t think he was going to wait much longer. I did have to take one strip back off the wall to reposition, and none of the paint came off, so we might be OK. Trying to hook them all of the sets together turned into a logistical nightmare. His power tower (on the left) is technically not attached to the other three, but we did get the other three attached and they even wrap around the corner onto the other wall.
Here’s all his Wall Tracks:

Alex got a Bed Tent when he was 4 and we were trying to get him out of the toddler bed to make space for Beth in their room. He’s been bugging to put his tent up since Beth moved out, so now that Beth also has a tent, his is back up:

7 thoughts on “Time to rearrange!

  1. Wow! What a lot of work. The rooms look great though, and Grandma is planning on sending those curtains for Beth soon.

  2. Really cool bedrooms. The kids should be happy you put so much work into them. You are a great mom!

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  3. I love seeing what you do and appreciate being part of it. It’s like we live close to you without all the driving to get there. Thanks for taking the time I know it takes to constantly update and blog all of this. Love you guys.