And he sleeps

I decided to take it a little slow with the switch to the toddler bed, so as not to scare Alex off. I read about this online, and thought it just might work. You switch them only during naptime for a few weeks so that they can get used to being in the bed and when they wake up, they can more easily see the edge of the bed and avoid falling out.

  • Day 1: I put Alex in his toddler bed around 12:45pm, with his blankets from the crib, along with Teddy and George. I put a couple of pillows on the floor next to the bed, just in case he rolled off. At 1:15 I could still hear him and went up to see what he was doing. He was in the bed, but doing a lot of moving around. So I went in, laid him back down and told him to go to sleep. 2:00 rolls around and I can still hear him moving around. He hadn’t gotten upset at all, or made even a peep, he’s just not settling down. So I go back in there. He was on the bed, but not laying down. So I moved him into the crib and within 15 minutes, he was asleep. Slept until 4:00.
  • Day 2: Alex fell asleep in the car on the way home from visiting Grandma Carol. We left there a little after 1pm and got home around 2:00 because we had to stop at the post office on the way. So he slept for an hour in the car. When we got home around, I transfered him to the toddler bed, but when I laid him down, he started crying & squirming and I had to take his coat off first. I covered him up with his crib blanket, made sure he had Teddy, and told him to go back to sleep. A half-hour later I went upstairs to get him because I could hear him. He was still in the bed, but was definitely not sleeping. Short nap.
  • Day 3: I took Alex up for his nap around 12:30. Again, I tucked him in with his blanket, Teddy & George, and told Alex to sleep. When I checked on him 30 minutes later, he was asleep, actually still covered up. He’s still asleep now, and I don’t want to check on him to see if he’s still on the bed because I might wake him up. If I haven’t heard anything from him by 3:00, it will be time to wake him up anyway.

Of course, after today it will be Friday before I can try again. But if next weekend goes well, then we might start nighttime sleeping in the toddler bed the following weekend.

3 thoughts on “And he sleeps

  1. This sounds like a very good way to make the transition go easier for all. You are such a good mother, Shannon.


    Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I’m impressed that he stays in the toddler bed. I figured he’d be all over the room. I guess if you train him from the start that this is nap time or bedtime, it pays off in the end. He knows he’s there to sleep!

  3. He was actually still in bed when I went up at 3:15. Awake, but in bed. Could be that the light being off is his signal to sleep.