I’m a little monkey

So Barb greets me today saying “Boy, you’re not going to believe what he did today, he’s so full of it”

First she tells me that Alex got his arm stuck in the opening of one of those shape toys. Not his hand, no, he gets his elbow stuck!

Then she says “You know he sleeps in that play-pen over there. Today I came in at the end of his nap and he was up on the corner, on his knees, holding the picture from the wall in one hand, flipping the light switch up and down with the other! I don’t know how he got up there!” There were no toys in the play-pen to step on and the side is almost as tall as he is. He went from not even being able to get on the couch without something to step up on to scaling flat surfaces overnight. She said he was like a little monkey all of a sudden.

And she said there was something else, but she forgot what it was, the other two were so bad. Oh, and he was in the dog crate off and on all day. She remembered that when we went to get him from the kitchen and he was in there again.

Something tells me it might be time to plan Alex’s switch to the toddler bed, which is already set up in his room, before he wakes me up in the middle of the night by grabbing my arm! Or worse, by smashing his head into the floor when he falls from the side of the crib!

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