Hamper Help

Since Alex has on occasion picked up clothes that I tossed towards the hamper and put them in the hamper, I decided to try something new tonight. I took Alex’s pants off, handed them to him, and asked Alex to put them in the hamper. He did and then came back to me. So I took off his socks and handed them to him and asked him to put them in the hamper. He did, but somewhere between the hamper and me, he got sidetracked by a toy. I managed to get his shirt off, but when I asked him to put it in the hamper, he was oblivious (as most toddlers are once something gets their attention). So I tossed the shirt on his back, which got his attention, and he put it in the hamper. So far so good.

So after a few minutes of running around in just a diaper, I got his diaper off and put a new one on. Next step was putting his pajamas on. So I pointed to the sleeper hanging on the crib and asked Alex to bring it to me. He very obediently went over and grabbed the sleeper. But instead of brining it back to me, he headed for the hamper. No amount of “No Alex, not in the hamper, bring it here”, from both me and Eric, would deter him. One minute later, the sleeper had joined his clothes in the hamper. 🙂

It took us a few minutes to stop laughing and go rescue the sleeper.

One thought on “Hamper Help

  1. These are such precious moments – enjoy every one of them! Love Aunt Mary Ellen