Pants Off

I guess the year can go out with a story after all…

When I picked Alex up today, Barb told me that Alex took his pants off. She came in from the other room, took one look at Alex, and said “Alex, where are your pants?”. That’s the first time either of us has seen him do that. I haven’t even been trying to teach him to take his clothes off yet since I’m not quite ready to fight him if he feels like doing it in the middle of the day.

2 thoughts on “Pants Off

  1. When he starts taking his diaper off, you can start potty training. Pray that he doesn’t do that anytime soon.

  2. Yeah, I told Barb it was a good thing we didn’t switch to Pull-Ups during the day. He probably would have taken the diaper off too. I’ve seen him pull on the front of his diaper.