We had some friends over on Christmas Day, for a couple of hours between lunch and dinner. They brought their 11 month old daughter, Cindy. They adopted Cindy from Guatemala and just brought her home in September, so Alex really has not spent much time with her yet, as Paul and Susan adjust to “Life with Child”. But a couple of times that day, Alex threw major crying fits when Cindy tried to “share” his toys. I asked Barb how he is with other kids at daycare, and she says he shares fine. If another kid takes his shovel, he’ll just get another one, and vice versa. He’s been fine with Damien and Sergey. So we suspect a couple of possible reasons:

  • Alex isn’t used to Cindy
  • The toys were brand new that day
  • It was his house and his toys, not daycare’s
  • Cindy is a girl
  • The terrible twos!

At any rate, I think that several play dates are in order now that Paul and Susan are getting into routine. Susan is only working every other Friday, so we might be able to schedule an hour or two to get together on those days. And they live across the street from us, so it’s very convenient.

One thought on “Sharing

  1. I think that Alex isn’t used to Cindy, the toys were new, the terrible two’s, and he’s normal. It’s his house, but he shares with Sergey and Damien so that probably isn’t the issue.