Merry Christmas (now with photos)

Merry Christmas.

So Alex’s second Christmas went a little differently than the first. Last year, we had Jenna to hand out packages and help Alex open them. This year, I handed out packages, but after starting to tear the paper for him on the first one, Alex didn’t need any help. After I handed him his first two packages, he started getting them for himself, fortunately from the pile I made for him and not from under the tree. Not that Eric and I wouldn’t have let him open ours, but we were waiting until Alex was done.

Alex got three puzzles and alphabet blocks from Santa and shape-matching turtles for the bathtub from us. His grandparents (my parents) got him Curious George DVDs. Jenna got him a book called Little Bunny. His Grandpa (Eric’s Dad), his great-grandparents, and his Aunt Leigh all sent him money for his savings account. I’m grateful for the money because I can easily see how kids end up with way too many toys.

Here’s a couple of photos, but there are more here:

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas (now with photos)

  1. Merry Christmas Shannon, Eric, and Alex.

    Love Aunt Mary Ellen & Uncle Ron

    PS – Nik & Jeff are having another baby next summer. That makes 3 new babies next year. Remember 1975 when Bob, Chris, and you, Shannon, were born the same year. Now I have 3 grandchildren being born in the same year (and almost the very same months). Trust me – time flys….Enjoy every minute of Alex’s youth.

  2. I sure will. These pictures are adorable. Thanks as always for sharing with me.

    Aunt Mary Ellen