Happy Birthday!

Somehow we ended up with no pictures or video or anything from Alex’s celebration on his birthday. But we did celebrate with mini-cupcakes and he opened his presents from us: a telescope, Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and several balsa wood airplanes.

On the morning of Beth’s birthday(it was a Sat), Eric apparently tried to wish Beth a Happy Birthday. She told him “It’s not my birthday until we have cupcakes and presents!” Little stinker! So we celebrated pretty early. Before Mom & Dad left on the 19th, we had baked off some cupcakes – she took half and I kept half, knowing that I would not be able to bake in the days beforehand. Eric frosted the cupcakes for me – he did a wonderful job! She opened her presents from us: a unicorn Dreamlight Pillow Pet, Epic Mickey for the Wii, and two new princess wands with long white gloves for dress-up, and then blew out her candles.

We got video of Beth blowing out her candles:

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