Go Horsey

A few weekends ago I went down into the basement with Alex to do some laundry. When I was done, I asked Alex if he wanted to ride the horsey. Some time ago, my parents had brought me my old spring horse. It’s been in the basement, and I’ve put Alex on it a few times, but he really didn’t seem to get it. I’d bounce it a little while holding him on and then he’d want off. This time he got it. He started making the horse bounce by himself. Eric sat next to him while I got the camera and I got a couple of shots of him riding the horse, having a great time.

2 thoughts on “Go Horsey

  1. We have Ron’s old horse from when he was a child (it looks a lot different than this one) but the grandkids now play on it when they come over. We keep it in the basement too and when they go into Poppa’s workshop with him, they stop and take a little ride. Well, Vance does anyway. The others are either too big to ride it or too little to go to the workshop with him. Either way, it’s great to keep some of the old toys around. Sometimes they are the best! I wonder if the old horse will ever wear out now that we will have 3 more babies to ride it!

    Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. Boy does that bring back memories. I hope he has as much fun with it as you three girls did.