It’s Party Time!

OK, so it was party time many weeks ago. As you can tell, I’m a bit behind. For the first time ever, due to circumstances out of our control, Grandma and Grandpa missed the kid’s birthday party. They did arrive two days later and stayed until two days before my surgery. Which meant the time between party and surgery was really crazy. (For those of you who didn’t know, I had a neuroma removed from my right foot on Jan 23rd and have been on medical leave ever since. I go back to work on Feb 20th.)

Anyway, back to the party! Since it was Alex’s golden birthday, we decided to do a “real” party. You know, the kind where you pay lots of money, invites lots of kids, and let someone else do most of the work? 🙂 For the most part, it worked out well. However, I discovered that some parents are simply morons who don’t realize that when the party is over, you really should come get your child’s coat so the party parents know the child is taken care of. Don’t just hang out in the play area for another hour! (OK, rant over!)

Other than that, the party was great! Alex really wanted Chuck-E-Cheese, so that’s what we ended up doing. We also ended up inviting his entire class, of which about half said yes. Between them and the 11 kids (counting Alex and Beth) that we have on our own, we ended up with a grand total of 27 kids! Yes, 27 kids. It was quite the party!

All of the kids had lots of fun, and we didn’t have an problems that I was aware of. About half of Alex’s schoolmates had a parent there the whole time, so I suspect if they ran out of tokens, they asked them for more. Alex and Beth, of course, asked us, but they were the only two. Everything was all set up where we got there, so we just told the kids to claim a chair with their coats, grab their tokens and go! We didn’t see them again until pizza time. After they ate, Chuck-E-Cheese came out for a short show, and then the kids got to do the ticket blaster. The blaster was the #1 reason Alex wanted to do his party at Chuck-E-Cheese. Then they did cake and then the kids ran off to play again.

I liked the no cooking (except the cakes, of course), and no cleaning parts. And the fact that we had helpers to serve the kids, so we could eat ourselves and not worry about them. Not so keen onf the price tag. 🙂

Beth was a little upset after we got home because Alex had 18 presents and she had 3. (Several presents were being held until Grandma & Grandpa arrived.) I knew this could be an issue. We told Beth that when she turns 7, she can have her own “real” party and invite her own classmates. Her golden birthday won’t happen until she’s 26 and somehow I don’t think we’re going to throw her a party then. 😉

More pictures from the party are on the photo site, but here’s a few.

The birthday boy:

The birthday girl:

A couple of movies from that day. Click on the picture to download and view.

Chuck-E-Cheese putting on crowns:

Alex in the ticket blaster:

Beth in the ticket blaster (she picked up the 1000 ticket before the air started – pay attention to what she does at the end):

(She dropped every ticket that had collected on top and only kept the 1000 ticket. They let her keep it. 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “It’s Party Time!

  1. I am sorry I missed the party! I probably would have had more fun at Chuck-E-Cheese’s than I did in San Diego (though the 6 hours of uninterrupted reading on the plane was kind of nice).