Happy New Year

So with the New Year comes a new theme for the blog. Simply because I’m tired of the old one. I’ll probably tweak the colors a bit more, but for now I’m done playing with it.

So yesterday being New Year’s Eve, the kids were told they could stay up until Midnight. We started out evening with dinner: Taco Dip with Chips, Vegetable dip with carrots, broccoli and cucumber, Chex Mix and Chicken Poppers. Eric made a pitcher of Mai Tais for me and him. 🙂 Yum!

After dinner, Eric and Alex played a round of Pokemon while I finished the dishes. Then we got out a new game that Alicia gave us, Suspend. Since it’s for ages 8 and up, we suspected it wouldn’t go well with Beth and honestly weren’t too sure about Alex. Sure enough, Beth kept bumping the table and knocking it over. And at first Alex was struggling with it at well. We played two games and gave up. (Since then Alex has gotten the hang of it and has played at least 6 more games, some by himself, some with me and Daddy.)

Then we got out Ticket to Ride. One of Eric’s gifts was two new maps and tickets that you play using pieces from your existing game, so we tried out the new India map. Beth always “plays” with me since she’s really too young for the game yet. Technically Alex is too young as well, since it’s also for ages 8 and up, but he gets it. Partway into the game Beth announced she was tired. We asked her if she wanted to go to bed and she said yes. So we took a break and put Beth to bed. It was 8:45, only a little more than an hour past their regular bedtime.

Then we finished our game with Alex. Guess who won? Alex! Probably for the first time, but it’s been close a couple of times.

By this point is was about 9:30. Eric and I wanted to play some more Diablo III (our latest obsession – we’re playing cooperatively), so Alex went on his computer while we went on ours. The next 2.5 hours went by fast. With five minutes to go, we scrambled to get the TV turned on for the countdown. We gathered together with 30 seconds to go. 🙂 We cheered, kissed, said Happy New Year and chased Alex to bed. We intended to play for a while longer, but about 20 minutes later I hit a wall and headed to bed. I told Eric he got to get up with the kids this morning because he does better on no sleep, plus he can take naps and I can’t. (I don’t think he ever napped, though.) Good thing I made him get up since I had a headache in the morning from 3 Mai Tais. Mommy is a lightweight!

So Happy New Year everyone. May it be a good one!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you. Our celebration was just as exciting, but we didn’t have the Mai Tais and would have loved to have the kids. We almost missed the ball dropping but got to it with just seconds to spare. Yea–2013. 13 is your Mom’s lucky number, maybe it will be our lucky year.

  2. Happy New Year to all. We are all such party animals. I had cheese and crackers and a wine cooler. I went to bed at 12:05

  3. Jeff and I crashed at 11. I taped the ball going down and we watched the next morning. We did not even have grandkids to babysit this year so I guess out evening was not as exciting as some but we have spent 44 New Year’s together and I am blessed to have this man in my life. Happy New Year to you and your family. Glad to see you doing so many family things together. Keep it up.

    Love, Aunt Lynn