New cup

Alex showed an interest in Daddy’s cup Sunday morning at breakfast, so I let him try to drink from my cup. It went well enough that I went and got a small cup and poured 1/2 an inch of my milk into it. At first I held the cup and Alex was drinking from it. Eventually we progressed to Alex holding the cup, which wasn’t quite a neat, but it certainly wasn’t as messy as I would have thought. I asked Barb last night if she had been working with him at daycare, but she said no. She did say she’ll try it going forward. At any rate, it went pretty well and I figure we can continue trying. I wasn’t going to try a regular cup for a few months yet, but since he seemed interested it seems to be the time.

Of course, at dinner, I gave him a little bit of his milk in a cup and after drinking a few sips well enough to get Mommy to stop watching every move, he promptly dumped the remaining contents onto the table. Fortunately, he only had a very little bit to begin with. But that action got the cup taken away. Which made him mad. And then he wouldn’t eat dinner until after I was finished and put him on my lap. He wanted my bowl so I let him dip my spoon in my bowl while I scooped food from his bowl with his spoon, dipped it into the remaining gravy from my bowl and then fed it to him. I got him to eat most of his dinner that way. 🙂

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