Now for T-shirts, too

I took Alex upstairs with me yesterday while I folded laundry. As is typical, he turned Eric’s basket upside-down and started playing with the clean laundry. Since he wasn’t hurting anything, I let him be while I worked on my clothes. Suddenly Alex started his cry of frustration. I looked over to see him trying to stuff a pair of Eric’s denim shorts into my wooden shoe rack. This is the type of rack with little cubbies for each pair of shoes. I looked, and he had already filled a couple of blank holes with T-shirts, but the shorts were a little too stiff and he couldn’t get them in. I helped him do that while he giggled and clapped his hands. Then he went back to it, stuffing a few pairs of underwear in as well.

3 thoughts on “Now for T-shirts, too

  1. Now all you have to do is teach him how to open his bottom drawer and he can have fun stuffing clothes in there instead. (He may never learn to fold first, but at least it’s not all over his floor)!

  2. Actually, before this happened, he tried putting one of Eric’s T-shirts into my open drawer. So I opened Eric’s drawer and when I went to put away the folded ones, I found two unfolded T-shirts, courtesy of Alex.

  3. Find a way to make all your housework seem fun, and you’ve got yourself a tiny little manservant.