Growth Spurt?

Eric swears that Alex has suddenly gotten taller overnight. It’s possible. He does seem to be fitting into his pants without having them be quite so long, and he’s been sleeping a lot more this last week or so. I put Alex in his crib for his nap at 12:15. Eric got him out at 3:15. Since we were watching the Packer game, we don’t know how much he actually slept, but he didn’t do any crying, so we know he was fine. But after dinner Alex was standing next to the chair with his thumb in his mouth, and his head tipped sideways to rest on the arm of the chair. He was staring rather blankly at the TV. That’s when I told Eric that it was time for Alex to go to bed, even though it was a half-hour early. We haven’t heard a peep out of him since we put him down. Do kids always sleep more when they’re going through a growth spurt?

2 thoughts on “Growth Spurt?

  1. Yes they do! They may cry a little more too or complain when they start talking that their legs hurt. I always called them “growing pains”. I have seen it with Suzi’s boys too. Christian used to complain that his legs hurt and shortly after that he outgrew his jeans.

  2. Thanks. Maybe that’s why Alex has been so grumpy lately, in addition to sleeping so much. I don’t remember going through that as a child.