Pack N Play or Football Target?

Last night our friends Bill & Olya came over with their two sons. Damien (almost 3) was being a good little boy and watching the Baby Einstein Video that I put in. Sergey on the other hand (1+) was in a foul mood and wanted everyone else to know it. No matter what Bill or Olya did, he was screaming/crying as loud as he could. Bill finally said something about putting him into a Pack N Play at home and I offered to put mine up. So up it went (in another room!) and we dropped Sergey in and went back to dinner. Alex had eaten an hour earlier, so he was running around. He was seen checking out the Pack N Play, possibly trying to make Sergey happier. Suddenly we heard a thud. We looked in to see Alex standing next to one end of the Pack N Play. Then he backed up about 4 steps, stopped, and took off towards the Pack N Play, bouncing off it like it was one of those football things you see in movies. He backs up 6 steps and does it again. Then 8 steps. Into the kitchen. If we thought either child was going to be injured, we would have put a stop to it, but it was rather amusing to see Alex bouncing off the Pack N Play. We might have a football (Rugby?) player on our hands. Not that I like the idea, but I think Eric would love to see his son play Rugby, just like Daddy.

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