Hyper boy

Last night Alex was extremely hyper. Don’t know why, but at one point he was running around the kitchen, into the foyer and then circling back into the kitchen, all the while saying “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”. He must have done this 10 times before he veered off into the dining room. He wouldn’t sit still for dinner, and when I looked away for a minute, he dumped his dinner onto the high-chair seat, right next to his butt. He ended up eating only a few bites of dinner, which actually isn’t all the uncommon for him, then took to running around the table.

2 thoughts on “Hyper boy

  1. Nope, he woke up twice in the middle of the night. Or I should say he wasn’t quiet all night adn cried out at least twice. I didn’t have to go in there because he settled down on his own, though, so it wasn’t too bad.