Snowman! (Updated with photo)

Last night I finally finished getting things ready for the craft project I wanted to do with the kids. Right after breakfast we gathered our materials and got started. It started out as a craft project for the kids turned into a family project. Everyone did their own. And we saved Jenna’s supplies so she can do hers when she gets here next weekend.

So what did we make, you’re asking? Snowman Chair covers! I got my inspiration here:

The cool thing is that the pieces are removable, so you just take it apart and use the white bottom piece over and over, saving the other pieces from year to year. So the plan is to make bunnies and turkeys and anything else that trips our fancy. Many suggestions were in that link above.

Here’s our finished covers:




I’ll link in Jenna’s and send this out again once she makes hers.

Updated 12/24/2012:
And here’s Jenna’s:

7 thoughts on “Snowman! (Updated with photo)

  1. Very creative Shannon. Hope all of you enjoy the Christmas season

    Love, Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff

  2. Some days I wonder that myself. But to be honest, I’m exhausted at this very minute. I got the materials to do this before Thanksgiving and only last night finally summoned up the energy to finish the prep work – I had to sew together the white felt for the backing, and I wanted the fleece scarves to be finished, so I had to sew them together as well. I actually cut everything out at work one day, over my lunch hour – probably over a week ago. I’m not sure we would have actually managed to do it this year if I hadn’t done it at work. If my sewing machine wasn’t so heavy, I probably could have taken that to work to finish it. 🙂