Opening Ornaments

Since we decorated the Christmas tree today, we opened the ornaments that my parents always buy the kids for Christmas. Alex seemed to get it right away that he was supposed to rip the paper off. He started tearing the paper, but was going little by little for the longest time. I’m quite sure that Alex got much more enjoyment out of that wrapping paper than he did out of the ornament. I’m also sure he’ll appreciate the ornament much more when he’s older. Both kids got a snow globe ornament. Alex’s is a pointy Christmas light bulb with a Santa inside. Jenna’s looks like the top of a light post, with Santa and a reindeer inside.

Now that Alex is older, I think Christmas this year will be a lot more fun. Last year Jenna opened most of Alex’s presents. I think this year he’ll be able to do it himself.

One thought on “Opening Ornaments

  1. I’m sure he’s going to love all the new cardboard boxes he gets this year, too. Forget the shiny new plastic toys, nothing beats a box and an imagination.