Picture Day

Friday morning I took Alex to get his two year pictures. It’s a month early, but I want to send them in the Christmas cards this year. Anyway, the night before we went to Bill & Olya’s house for dinner and to just hang out, as we do every other Thursday. The opposite Thursday they come to our place. So as usual, Alex did not want to go to bed. Having forgotten about the potential impact to the following day, we let him stay up until we left at 9:30pm. Expecting him to sleep in as he often does after a trip to Bill & Olya’s, Alex instead was up at 7am. So after going to sleep more than two hours after his regular bedtime, he was up only a half-hour later than usual. By the time we were heading out, at 9:30am, he was already rubbing his eyes. First signal that things were not going to go well.

We picked up my friend Alicia, who was going to walk around JCPenney’s afterwards with Alex while I waited for them to process the pictures and decide what to buy. When we got to JCPenney’s, Alex wanted out of the stroller, as he usually does after the stroller stops moving. I picked him up and he put his head on my shoulder. I thought I had the first appointment of the day and they couldn’t possibly be running behind at that point, but it turns out that because of special holiday hours, they opened an hour earlier. So of course they were running about 15 minutes late already. Finally, they called us back and we got started. It was immediately evident that it was not going to go well. Alex didn’t want to let go of me. We finally got him to sit still for a minute, but it was a fight for the entire 15 minutes we were back there. She managed to get a couple of OK shots, and did manage to get one good one of him smiling towards the end.

Fortunately for us, we won’t have to try this again for a year, so hopefully things will go better next time. Look for a smiling Alex in your Christmas cards. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Picture Day

  1. Ah, this brings back memories of when our kids were young. I had one picture of Nikki around Alex’s age and she wanted NOTHING to do with having her picture taken. I don’t remember now if she was tired or what but I have the photos of her red eyes and a glisten of a tears in them from the experience. Needless to say all pictures are not PICTURE PERFECT smiles but because of that, you end up with memories that are priceless. You will look back on this day with fond memories some day – I promise. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I hope so. I thought his last ones went badly, but frustration-wise, these were much worse. Except she did get a few more pictures this time. Last time I only bought 2 of the other pictures, in addition to the one I sent out. This time I bought 4 pictures, plus the smiling one.

  3. Keep in mind that you get appointments. We used to stand in line with you kids for an hour or longer, while the 5 to 15 people ahead of us had their kids pictures taken. Planning one of those trips took a lot of strategy, and patience.

  4. OK, if I had to do that, we wouldn’t have any professional pictures. I don’t have that much patience.

  5. You better learn some patience, Apple, because that child is going to be just like Aunt Leigh.