We have houses

So this morning Alex didn’t seem to have the stomach flu anymore and the kids really wanted to decorated the gingerbread houses, so I called Lisa and she brought Adrianna over during the Packer Game. We had some issues with the frosting, but in the end, we got them somewhat decorated.

I had tried to make the royal frosting using pastured egg whites so it was edible, but their measurements are obviously off because after two full bags of powered sugar, the frosting wasn’t thick enough. (It was only supposed to use about 1 bag.) I had borrowed a bag and a half from Alicia, so not wanting to waste the last full bag, I decided to start over – just as Adrianna and Lisa were arriving. Unfortunately, though some brainlessness on my part (being in a hurry), I cracked the egg into the frosting bowl instead of the “separating” bowl and ended up with egg yolk in the frosting. Had we had more powdered sugar, I probably could have fixed it, but we didn’t. We tried to make do and did eventually find some tricks that worked and got some candy on the houses. Jenna resorted to actually just drawing in the frosting. 🙂

I think the kids had some fun doing this, but there was definitely some frustration for all since the candy just kept sliding off.

Jenna and Alex decorating:

Beth and Adrianna decorating:

Jenna’s House:

Alex’s House:

Beth’s House:

For the record, I now know that if you make your royal frosting out of Meringue powder, you can eat it. So I’m going to try that next time. Still not sure it was worth all the effort I went to over just spending $10 a kit and buying them!

5 thoughts on “We have houses

  1. But the Kids had the fun of baking them with Mama. Alex got to help assemble. And they all spent a nice day together today.

  2. They look good, despite the frosting not working well. It’s about the fun of it, not the results!

  3. And I did ask them tonight while they were brushing their teeth if they had fun and they both said yes. So it was a success in that respect.

  4. Hannah and Jade did one last year. They had a lot of fun making it and it was worth every penny because it created a memory for them and for me. All the house look great

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  5. The house look great and I am sure it created a great memory for the kids.

    Love, Aunt Lynn