Not so difficult diaper changes

Alex has finally come to terms with having to have his diaper changed. Now, as long as the TV is on (which I make sure it is), if I ask him to sit on the changing pad, he will come over and not only sit on the pad, but immediately lay down on it as well. Then he stays still for the change. Unless Eric is tickling him, which Eric gets admonished for because I need Alex’s butt to stay still. Unfortunately, mornings are still sometimes tricky, but getting better. Evenings when we go upstairs for bed, we’ve gotten around the laying down for diaper changes by buying easy-ups. I always tear them off him to make sure that he doesn’t figure out that he can pull them off himself, and we’ll buy the “cool” ones or something similar when it’s time to potty-train. But for now, most diaper changes are relatively uneventful.

I started writing this post yesterday. Today, we were in the dining room and I asked Alex if he wanted his diaper changed. He wasn’t poopy, so it wasn’t particularly necessary, but it had been about four hours since he was changed. Alex picked up his teddy bear and headed into the parlor. I followed with the changing pad and a diaper. I put the pad down and Alex sat down on it without any prompting. I guess he was ready for a new diaper. I can get used to this.

2 thoughts on “Not so difficult diaper changes

  1. Shannon, I haven’t had as much time to read all these blogs until today and honey I feel for you. You are taking such a ribbing from the family. So ‘lIl just say I’m happy to see any pictures of Alex WHENEVER you get the time to send them AND I am just glad I’m on your blog list at all. It helps me stay in touch. Love Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. We were also happy to see ANY pictures of Alex, since it was SUCH a long time in between. We really thought that he was kidnapped by aliens and Shannon was trying to pretend that she was too busy to give herself time to pay off the aliens in unwrapped candy bars. (They seem to have problems chewing through the wrappers.) 27 days and counting!