Well, at this point Alex is still not talking much. We do hear the word “Go” a lot. He likes to hit the plastic bowling ball with one of the pins and says Go every time. He also likes to point and say Go when you’re holding him to indicate which direction he’d like you to walk. Other words he says only occasionally. Like Ball, Duck, Mama. We still hear a lot of Dada. We’ve heard a few Daddys. Our daycare lady says that he talks a lot around her. I suspect that she’s recognizing words that we don’t. I know that once he does start talking, I’m probably going to wish he’s stop, but I can’t help but wonder if life would be just a little simpler and a little less frustrating for both him and us if he would just start expressing himself with words when he wants something or needs help.

7 thoughts on “Talking

  1. Just think of all those beautiful words I choose to use in expressing myself. I’m sure you can teach him some too, after all, you did enrich Jenna’s vocabulary this summer.

  2. What, no picture? You can photoshop a word bubble next to him to illustrate his newly acquired loquaciousness.

  3. As a mother of a child who is not talking very much at (almost) three, I empathize. I know others will tell you “enjoy it now, he won’t shut up later,” but I think it’s one of those things you can only enjoy AFTER years have passed and the kid is, indeed, not shutting up 😛