Craft Time

Eric was picking up Jenna tonight, so the kids and I had a quiet night. They both wanted Macaroni and Cheese for dinner, so all three of us had Mac and Cheese. After dinner I asked them if they wanted to do their felt Christmas ornament projects that were in their stocking last year, which I had found upstairs while looking for all our Christmas decorations. They said yes, so we did them.

Basically they had to glue on the “clothes” onto the base piece. So I got a bowl, put in some Elmer’s glue and gave them each a paintbrush to put glue on the back of each piece. That worked out well and it only took them about 20 minutes to finish the ornaments:



By that point it was bedtime (they come home late on Fridays so I can get a little quiet time to myself), so we headed upstairs, got ready, read, brushed teeth and had some snuggle time.

And so we conclude NaBloPoMo. Hope everyone enjoyed the month. I hope to get better about posting again, now that I’m in the habit of thinking “Hey, I should blog that!”. 🙂 I do plan to blog about tomorrow because we have Christmas tree decorating and Gingerbread House decorating planned. But, depending how how tired I am, it might take an extra day to actually write that up.

4 thoughts on “Craft Time

  1. The ornaments look very cute. Sounds like you had fun doing them. Looking forward in seeing pictures of the finished gingerbread houses and your Christmas tree. NaBloPoMo has been very enjoyable and we hope you can get back in the habit of blogging a little more often.

  2. I love NaBloPoMo! It’s like a little window into the kids’ lives. The ornaments are adorable! They both did a great job.