Quiet Day

Tonight was a pretty normal night. We came home. Alex wanted to play Wii Fit due to a conversation we had in the car on the way home about how kids (and adults) should get 60 minutes of activity in every day, and that boxing and ski jumping and other games on Wii Fit counts towards that. Beth went down with him. They both came up for dinner. Then Alex wanted to play Pokemon with Daddy. (Did I mention I bought a second deck so we could play with him at home?) They ended up staying up a little late to finish the game. But it wasn’t too bad. We went upstairs 30 minutes behind schedule and had them in bed only 15 minutes behind schedule.

(This post has been backdated. I forgot.)

2 thoughts on “Quiet Day

  1. That actually sounds like a good night. And it is good for the kids to be allowed up a little later once in a while.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day. Children who get worn out before bed time go to sleep easier!