Straight Lines (now with photo)

In the last week or so I’ve noticed that Alex is doing something new. He’s taking his toys and lining them up in (mostly) straight lines. He started out doing it with the stacking cups we keep in the kitchen. Now he’s gone on to doing it with his cars, too. I wonder how long this phase lasts? It’s very interesting to see him so particular about it. The other day he even seemed to be trying to put them in order by size. Not quite getting it, but close.

Of course, two minutes after he’s done with his masterpiece, the destruction begins. Arms start flying, along with the cups. End result: cups all over the kitchen floor.

20 thoughts on “Straight Lines (now with photo)

  1. And here I was, hoping for a picture to go with the posting. Disappointed again! Love, Grandma. (Great Grandma?)

  2. Not funny, tragic that Alex’s poor old grandparents don’t even know what he looks like anymore, due to a complete and total lack of pictures since he turned into a kitty cat. Love, Grandpa (and you thought Grandma was a nag! I haven’t even begun to start.

  3. Go ahead an laugh Weasel. When was the last time you posted pictures? My mother is still waiting to see Damien in the bunny costume.

  4. Bunny costume? What Bunny costume? You mean the one from our cousin Louise? Good thing Weasel’s blog is listed here. I think someone is in trouble. Grandpa

  5. I have a nephew? Wow, he seems like such a distant memory, I was beginning to think he was a figment of my imagination. Tell me, is this nephew cute? It’s sad, in this antiquated age, how hard it is for relatives to see their family. Next time the Pony Express comes through could you send us a Daguerreotype?

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your Mother thanks you, Your Sister thanks you. Lucky thanks you. Your brother thanks you. Oh wait, you don’t have a brother. Anyway, you get the message. From Grandpa and Grandma! P.S. Where’s the kid??? Eric didn’t fix the cups for you did he? I know, you did it yourself!

  7. My nephew looks… odd. Here I was expecting a picture of the child, and we get cups… Where is the King of Cups? You couldn’t have superglued his butt to the floor next to the cups for 10 seconds so we could see the peach fuzz I hear is now growing? Mom said he’s shaving now, pretty soon off to college. Kids grow up so fast these days.

  8. Nope. I think the definition of family is people to annoy the crap out of you that you can’t get rid of.

  9. I can see there is no fooling you guys.
    The truth is I set those cups up.

    Alex was abducted by aliens, so we have no current pictures of him.

    Don’t worry negotiations are in progress, but please don’t call the authorities, because the aliens have threatened to probe Alex if we do.

    P.S. Aliens are also behind the pony express thing as well, those pesky aliens are into everything.

  10. Shannon in the words of your sister (concerning your definition of family) “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Hi, Apple!
    Weasel, I stopped nagging about pictures when the cups appeared since I figured she finally, after many hours of joyful nagging, updated her photo gallery. (Unlike a certain person who shall go unnamed, and so far relatively unnagged.)
    Mr. Annoying, you did a really nice job on the cups – glad to see how far you’ve progressed on putting things in order according to size. The aliens are really cute, not at all as portrayed by sci-fi anywhere. Maybe someone should adopt them. (I understand they are into brainwashing through lack of sleep.)
    And last but not least, Shannon you already have his Christmas presents in your custody, but Birthday gifts are now up in the air.

  11. Oh yeah, I forgot I had his presents already. Lucky us. We’ll just have to make him materialize somehow before his birthday. Then the aliens can have him back.

  12. That’s fine, then he can learn to speak Russian and English from the Aliens, and I inherit two alien grandkids.

  13. Apple,
    Just remember you wanted to have a child. With that child comes responsibility, and one of those is humoring the relatives. Just bend to our will, along with the toddler’s and the aliens’ wishes, and all will be well.