Tonight Alex helped me put together the gingerbread houses. Well, he helped me do the sides, I put the roofs on after that had time to dry. He didn’t want to go to cooking class tonight and I didn’t really want to either since I was planning to do the houses tonight. So we came home and did this together instead while Beth was still at Barb’s.

Alex piped on icing and I put the pieces together. Figured out that I think I was supposed to put the sides over the ends instead of the ends over the sides. Because now my roof pieces barely fit. If I’m crazy enough to try this next year, I’m going to make the roofs just a little bit wider because I like having the side pieces the way they are, with the seams to the sides instead of the front. I’m also going to try to square up the pieces while they’re still warm wherever they round a bit while baking because that caused me some trouble trying to put things together. It didn’t look like it was a big deal, but it was.

So here’s what we have right now:

Saturday is the big decorating party and I think we’re all set. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Assembly

  1. Great job Shannon. I love how you involve your children in everything when it would so much simpler to do it when they went to bed!

  2. Shannon,

    You are a super mom and your children will remember these special projects and moment you share with them.

    Love, Aunt Lynn