Cooking with Mama, again

Alex and I cooked again last night. This time we made pizza cups. With salad. And Carrots with brown sugar and butter. Alex ate all his carrots and some of his salad, but wouldn’t eat the pizza cup. He said “I don’t really like them, but I thought you guys would.” Noble of you, kid. Honestly, they weren’t that bad. Beth wouldn’t even touch them and ended up having a hot dog.

So since Alex got to cook last night, Beth wanted to cook tonight. We had pancakes. Again. But this time I got smart and didn’t have them for breakfast on Sunday because I had a feeling she would pick them. And since I didn’t want to do any shopping, I let her get away with it even though I would have liked her to pick something else. But then again, the child only eats macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. And Pizza once in a while, but she’s unpredictable on that. Oh wait, she does seem to like pancakes right now. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cooking with Mama, again

  1. It does not matter what she wants to cook or make. At least it is forming a bonding memory with you Shannon. My granddaughter Hannah loves to bake or cook. We do it all the time and she is 13 already and I love to have her ask me to make something. She is now old enough to do her own thing in my kitchen. She even cleans up her own messes…that is something for you to look forward to.

    Love, Aunt Lynn

  2. If she cleans up like Jennie did when she was a teen, I’d recomend banning her from the kitchen!