So yesterday I promised the story of why I wasn’t going to have time to do dishes on Sunday. That was because Alex, Jenna and I spent several hours at the mall. We left the house around 10:15 and didn’t get back until 2:30. Why on earth were you at the mall on Black Friday weekend, you might ask. Are you crazy?

Reason number one is that stupid me mis-calculated how much felt I needed for a project I want to do with the kids, so I needed to hit Jo-Ann fabrics, which was near the mall. Wow, can’t believe how long the the line was on a Sunday. I wouldn’t have thought it would have settled down by then, but I guess There must have been 30 people in line!

Reason number two is that Alex needed a new coat. Partially, I think, because he was feeling left out when Beth got to pick a new coat, but he showed me his sleeves and they were a bit too short, so I told him he could get a new one. So, coat shopping we went. I will have to post a picture later since I forgot to upload one. Oh, and he told me this on Wed night at 6pm. Not like I was going to rush out then to do it before Black Friday.

Reason number three was Pokemon. Truthfully, this was reason number one and I tacked on the other two things since we were going to be there anyway. Alicia’s ex-husband, Gordon (who she’s still friendly with), owns a game store and every Sunday at noon at the Southridge Mall location they have Pokemon games going on in the back of the store. This was the first Sunday since I found out about it that there wasn’t either a Packer game at noon or a birthday party at noon. So the real reason we were at the mall was for the game.

You see, Alex has been playing Pokemon at after-school camp with one of his friends. He’s been bugging to get his own deck of cards for at least a month. Yesterday he finally got that deck. He was told that it’s an early Christmas present, which normally I won’t do, especially at his age, but it seemed appropriate in this case. He couldn’t play yesterday without cards, and I didn’t want to keep putting him off until after Christmas. He doesn’t know it, but I snuck off while he was playing and bought a second deck so that his dad and I can play with him at home. Seeing as I ended up learning to play while we were there. It’s actually not that hard and Alex won quite a few matches.

Jenna came along because she wanted to watch. She owned Pokemon cards when she was younger, but strangely she never learned to play. She gave the cards away a few years ago, otherwise she would have gladly given them to Alex. In the end, she ended up scouting the game-store for Christmas present ideas.

There’s another late Packer game in two weeks, so I’m hoping we can make it out there again. And apparently if I’m willing to become a “Poke-Mom”, I can get a 25% discount on Pokemon cards and at 10% discount on anything else in the store. Gordon told Alicia that a “Poke-Mom” just needs to show up at least twice a month to help out and make sure everyone is having a good time. Yeah, probably not. I’m not really planning on buying that many more cards, so I’m not sure it’s worth the time-commitment for a discount I’ll barely use.

And then after we got back, I still had to finish baking those gingerbread house pieces. Finished that around 5pm.

2 thoughts on “Pokemon!

  1. Sounds like a busy day. Hope everyone had fun.
    FYI Joannes puts out coupons that are good Black Friday only, some for “Black” Saturday only, and some for “Black” Sunday only. The coupons were for 60% off. Not to mention the 50% off on many fabrics. Floss was 3 for 99, etc. Really bad weekend to hit Joannes.

  2. If it’s wasn’t such a pain to get our there, I wouldn’t have gone. But since we were there… The real bummer is I didn’t seem to get those coupons, even though I’m on the mailing list. And if I did, I lost them – I searched!