Daylight Savings Time

OK, I’m going to say it: Daylight Savings Time is the dumbest thing they’ve ever come up with. Whoever invented it didn’t have kids. I never noticed it before Alex, but I sure do now. Alex, once again, is having a delayed reaction to changing back to Standard Time. Strangely, each time we change the clocks, it take Alex a week or two to get messed up. If Daylight Savings Time is such a good thing, why don’t we just change the clocks permanently and call it Standard Time? Anyway…

Monday morning, Alex woke up at 5:30 am crying and screaming like there was no tomorrow. Since I had to get up in a half-hour, I just brought him into bed with us so I could rest for those last 30 minutes (yes, pathetic, but I’ll take every minute I can). He laid quietly snuggled with me until I had to shower. When I got back from the shower, he was standing next to the bed, crying like his heart was broken. Barb said he slept for two hours that day, which is double what he usually sleeps at daycare. We put him to bed at 7:00 (instead of 7:30) because he was so tired that night. He probably would have gone to bed by 6:00 with no protest, but I didn’t want to mess him up further.

Tuesday morning, Alex was awake, but playing quietly in his crib when the alarm went off at 6am. He was in a good mood that day. We put him to bed at the usual time.

Wednesday morning, Alex was totally asleep when I went in at 6:40 to get him ready for the day. I got him out of the crib and sat down with him to snuggle for a few minutes, as is customary when he is still asleep. Then I headed for the changing table. He started crying as soon as I put him down. Normally, he’ll calm down in a few minutes, but this time he didn’t. So once I got his sleeper off, I picked him up and calmed him down. Then gently put him down to take off the diaper. More crying. Got the diaper off and picked him up. Back down to put on the new diaper. Yet more uncontrollable crying. This time it took 5 minutes of rocking to calm him down. Carried him to the closet and got his clothes, then got him partially dressed without ever putting him down. Eric came in from the shower just then, and ended up helping put his pants on. When Eric left the room, Alex seemed to want down, so down he went and followed Eric into the bathroom, where Eric was brushing his teeth. I gave him a minute, then followed. He wanted picked up, so I did. Then we headed downstairs. Before my foot hit the first step, he was bawling again. I ended up bringing him back upstairs to be with Daddy. I held him while Eric got dressed. Then we all headed downstairs. No coffee for Eric this morning since I had spent so much time with Alex. He’ll just buy some on his way to work, so not a big deal. But what normally takes about 5 minutes took 15 this morning. After we got downstairs, I gave Alex his milk and he wanted down. He was running around like nothing was different. I was a little worried he wasn’t feeling well, but after a few minutes downstairs, he seemed fine. I don’t know what put him in such a foul mood this morning, but I’m glad these mornings are few and far between.

Hopefully he’ll adjust in another couple of days and bedtime and mornings will go back to normal.

3 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time

  1. ;-(

    My kids have such messed up sleep patterns that daylight savings time does not bother them 🙂 Though Damien did have a hard time with the white nights in Russia…

    Hang in there! Hopefully in a week or two Alex will be back to normal.