Family Game Night

Last night we finally played a game as a family. We had planned to do it on Thanksgiving, but somehow it never happened. We actually let the kids stay up late in order to make this happen – we didn’t finish until after 8pm. Everyone pitched in beforehand to help me clean up the kitchen after dinner or I wouldn’t have been able to play. I had to finish baking today and the stuff I needed for that was all dirty, so the dishes really had to be done last night. I wasn’t going to have time to do dishes today. But that’s a story for tomorrow. 🙂

Anyway, we recently taught Alex how to play “Ticket to Ride – Europe”. So that’s what we pulled out. Beth “played” with me, although what she actually ended up doing was helping Eric hand out train cards to people. We had a really good time and hope to do more of this in the future, now that the kids are growing beyond Candy Land. I won the game (and Beth was super-excited that “we” won the game), but if Jenna had actually finished her last route, she would have won instead. She’s very proud of herself for almost winning. 🙂

We had a funny moment in the middle of the game. Eric likes to use the term “Rouse” when getting the kids out of bed or just trying to hurry them along. Jenna was taking her own sweet time on one of her turns and we started to hurry her along. All of a sudden, Beth yelled “Rouse!”. We all cracked up. She actually used it in the same way that Eric does! Beth actually said it a few more times because we couldn’t stop laughing.

4 thoughts on “Family Game Night

  1. Sounds like a good night of “family fun”. Good job Jenna on “almost winning”

  2. Good job Jenna! Second place is a good place. Beth is going to have a big vocabulary thanks to Eric.

  3. Except she made a 42 point mistake and ended up in 4th! He missed route was worth 21 points so not only did she not get the 21 points, she lost the 21 points.