Oh my!

Last Thursday morning got off to a bit of a rough start. I went in to get Alex ready to go to daycare, just like always. Stripped off his pajamas, and then his diaper. Went into the drawer of the changing table for a clean diaper. None in there. Oops. So I put Alex on the floor to run around while I opened up a pack of diapers in the closet and grabbed one. Couldn’t have taken more than a minute, 90 seconds tops. When I turned around to get Alex, there he was, sitting on the toddler bed in a huge wet spot. “Alex!” I said. He jumped off the bed, ran in a small circle, then tried to climb back on the bed, right in the wet spot! I went to pick him up and realized that his arms were wet. I could hear that Eric was still in the shower, so off we went to the bathroom where Alex got to join Daddy for about 5 minutes. I stripped the sheet off the bed. Then I went back for Alex, who really didn’t want to leave the shower. Finally got him diapered and dressed. Fortunately, we usually have about 10 extra minutes in the morning, so it didn’t put us behind, but wouldn’t you know it, as I was putting his coat on him to leave, he was stinky! Doesn’t it figure!

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