Happy Thanksgiving

Today we decided to do something different. We went out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner. And it was very good. And I didn’t have to stress about cooking. And I didn’t have to clean up afterwards. We may do this again!

So we had a productive day, but we took it at a very slow pace and didn’t really rush through anything. Eric hit Piggly Wiggly as soon as he got up and bought more pumpkin. Beth and I made another pumpkin pie. We had a late breakfast since our dinner reservation wasn’t until 2pm. I finally managed to wash and brush Beth’s hair so she wouldn’t look like a little ragamuffin at dinner. She even let me put her hair up and left in the butterfly clips until after we got back from dinner. Eric and I took advantage of the 60 degree weather and put up the outdoor Christmas lights. It’s supposed to be 30 degrees tomorrow, so time was of the essence on that. And then we headed out for dinner.

We went to the Packing House for dinner. In addition to Thanksgiving dinner, they do offer a limited alternate menu. Alex had linguine with marinara sauce. Beth wanted turkey, so we ordered her the Thanksgiving dinner. The rest of us also got the Thanksgiving dinner which consisted of a very generous portion of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, apple sausage stuffing, cranberry relish and green beans. It also came with soup or salad. Alex got to eat Beth’s soup. Dinner was very good. The kids were very well behaved and didn’t spill anything. (Cups with lids might have helped on that front.)

At the beginning of the meal, they brought us our drinks. About two minutes later the waitress came over and asked Jenna if she’d taken a sip of her Coke yet. She said yes. The waitress asked if it tasked a bit funny. She said yes. The waitress whisked the drink away. Jenna admitted there was alcohol in the drink. And that she wasn’t going to say anything. We all laughed at that and decided that the story must be blogged. When the waitress brought her new drink, she apologized profusely and when asked what was in it, she admitted it was Captain Morgan – she had gotten them mixed up when she picked up drinks at the bar.

We got back around 3:15 or so, stuffed to the gills, so we just lazed around for quite a while. Alex convinced Eric to go play Wii in the basement. I called my parents house and talked to several people. Beth talked to Grandma and Grandpa. I’m not sure if Alex did any talking, but Beth disappeared with the phone and we could hear her in the basement with him. Later, Beth found the Christmas decorations for the front porch (which I had gotten out when I got the outdoor lights) and wanted decorate. So her and I took down the Halloween stuff and put up the Christmas stuff.

So it was a busy day, but not really a crazy day. The kids went to bed on-time since Eric and I are both working tomorrow and they’ll have to be up around 6:30. They’ll be off to Barb’s tomorrow. They don’t get to go to Barb’s together very often anymore. Beth enjoys having her brother there. Alex would rather go to Camp and be with his friends, but they’re not open tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Sounds like everyone had a good day. Way to go Jenna!! Never complain about a mistake IN your favor!
    We both enjoyed talking to Beth, who told us she had turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner. And according to you, that’s about all she had.
    Wish we could have been there.

  2. That kind of day when you are away from the family dinners sounded like the perfect way to spend your day. Did you ever eat the second pumpkin pie? Did I miss where that came into play? Happy Thanksgiving to all. Love you Aunt Mary Ellen

  3. Hilarious! I don’t think Jenna is a seasoned enough drinker to have hidden that for long! She would have been a little glassy eyed by the time the entrees showed up!