Missing Daddy

Eric has been gone all week for a training class in a suburb of Chicago. He left Sunday night around 4pm and will be home around 5pm on Friday night. Sunday night I put Alex to bed and everything was fine. He’s used to occasionally Daddy being gone at bedtime, usually Friday nights when Eric is picking up Jenna and doesn’t get home until 9pm.

Monday night everything was fine until I left the room and then Alex cried for about one minute.

Tuesday night, Alex seemed a little cranky after I got him home, so when Eric called for his nightly chat, I put Alex on the phone. He sat there listening to Daddy talk while trying to look at the phone with this look of wonder. It was cute. But then at bedtime, he would not kiss me goodnight, would not even look at me after I put him in the crib, and again he cried when I left the room. He cried longer than Monday, but was quiet within 5 minutes, so not so bad.

Wednesday morning was a whole new ballgame. It was cold in the house when we woke up since I had not thought to turn on the heat before going to sleep. So I decided the best way to warm Alex up was to take him into the shower with me. Boy, he was not happy about being woken up and stripped. But once his cold little feet touched that nice warm water, he snuggled into me and quieted down. After a few minutes he wanted down to play in the water and I was able to finish my shower. He was OK until we got to Barb’s. I asked him for a kiss when I was getting ready to leave. No dice, which is not uncommon. So I started to leave and he ran after me. I picked him up and tried again to get a kiss, saying I have to go. He pointed towards the door, indicating that he wanted to go in that direction. I said, “I’m sorry, Mommy had to go to work and you get to play with Barb today”. I put him down. He started towards Barb, came back a few steps towards me, then ran for Barb, crying. Alex has never, even once, cried when we left him at daycare. I had to go and said good-bye, knowing that they crying wouldn’t last forever. But as I closed the door, my heart was breaking. Barb said that they went to get the dog out, as they do every morning, and then she gave him some crayons. He colored for about an hour, and then was back to normal.

So Wednesday night I pick him up and he’s actually in a good mood and very happy to see me. We went home, had dinner, and then Eric called. Again, I put the phone next to Alex and let Daddy talk to him. But this time Alex answered. I could hear Eric talking from where I was and every time Eric stopped talking, Alex babbled a “response”. They went back and forth several time and it was just the cutest thing. That night Alex gave me a kiss goodnight, just like always, and went to bed with no crying.

So I guess I’ll have to make sure Alex gets to talk to Daddy again tonight. It’s his last night away and we’ll be glad to have him home.

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