Alex’s First Haircut

We took Alex to get his first full haircut this weekend. We went to one of those places that specialize in children. When we got there, Alex dove right into the pile of toys. The hairdresser told us which “chair” he would be in and told us to “work towards getting him in”. When it looked like she was finishing up the previous little boy, I picked Alex up and put him in his “chair”, which was actually this little blue car. There were several toys attached to the car, so he just picked one of those to start playing with. The hairdresser gave me a small raincoat to put on him to protect his shirt. It was only slightly difficult given the fact that he was diligently playing and didn’t want to give me his hands, even for a second. But I got it on and she started wetting his hair with a spray bottle. Other than pausing briefly when the water first hit him, Alex was practically oblivious to the entire process. He kept playing and she kept cutting. We decided to go with a longer, shaggier cut rather than a “big boy” cut. After all, as the hairdresser said, “They’re only babies for a short time, why make them look older before you have to?”. When she was all done, we moved Alex to another “chair”, this one the red car from the movie Cars, where we took a couple more photos. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. She said that Alex did very well and wasn’t even phased when put into a new environment. She was very impressed with how quickly he adapted and said she’s had plenty of kids who scream the entire time they’re there.

Here’s his new haircut:

One thought on “Alex’s First Haircut

  1. Awwww!

    I am very glad Alex’s first haircut went well!

    I wasn’t there for Damien’s first haircut (stayed home with Squeektar while my parents took the firstborn to get shorn), but they say he was unphased, too. Watched “Lilo & Stitch” on the portable DVD player throughout 😉 Then when we took him again before we left Russia, he really DID NOT want to be there. Figures, right?