Happy Halloween

I know, long time no blog. Even with cutting the number of classes back around here, we’re still just so busy. And taking trips to HI for two weeks does not help that in the least. Anyway… back to our regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

This afternoon we carved pumpkins. We had raced the rain to the pumpkin farm on Thursday night, which ended up working out great. It was 72 degrees and only sprinkled on us a little bit while we were there. The kids fed the goats and we did the corn maze. Then we picked out pumpkins and headed for home. Afterwards, while we were eating dinner, the cold front came in – it was 52 degrees when we left the restaurant. (Needless to say, tonight was really chilly – wish that warm weather had stuck around.)

Beth with her pumpkin:

Alex with his pumpkin:

Trick-or-Treating was tonight. The kids lasted over two hours, which I think is a record for us. For the second year in a row, Alicia came over and handed out candy, so I don’t feel so guilty about taking the neighbors candy. And she loves handing out candy but no one ever comes to her house. So we pay for it and she gets the fun of handing it out.

Fortunately for me, the kids had come home from Barb’s in early Sept with costume ideas in hand. So we were able to make their costumes this year. Mom helped me out by making Beth’s headband, and she shorted one of the two nurse’s costumes we had in the attic so it looked more like a doctor’s coat. Beth’s costume turned out great! Alex’s, well, Alex’s costume had issues. The headpiece came off withing the first 10 minutes and he gave up on it. Then he was having difficulty navigating stairs. Of which every house in this neighborhood has at least 2, but the average is more like 6. So when we came home the first time, he wanted his costume off. Since I had his ninja costume from two years ago out for his school party yesterday, I asked him if he wanted to put that on instead, which he did.

Beth as “Doc McStuffins“:

Alex as a Robot:

And in case you were wondering, Daddy was a pirate and Mommy was a bellydancer. No pictures of either of us from tonight since we’ve taken plenty of pictures of both over the years. But I will say the bellydancer costume gets way more comments than the Indian or the witch.

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