Strawberry Picking

This past Saturday morning Eric and I took the kids Strawberry picking. Anyone ever done this before? Neither of us had ever done it, so we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. Imagine our surprise when we found out that Strawberries live on a plant close to the ground, not on a bush!

Beth Picking Strawberries

Alex Picking Strawberries

Alex was actually excited and was very helpful for about the first half-hour or so. After that he was somewhat helpful, but less so. The latter part we used him (and Beth) to ferry berries from where we were to the baskets, which we stopped moving as often. Beth pretty much ran rampant and picked strawberries at random, sometimes stepping on them when trying to step over the rows. We were assigned a certain row and we picked it all the way to the end. Took us about an hour. When we paid, we found out we had almost 20 pounds of strawberries! Which only cost us $30, so very affordable.

This is what 20 pounds of strawberries look like:
20 pounds of Strawberries>

We were also very, very sore before the end of the day. My hamstrings have been so tight the last few days I swear you could play them like a violin. Eric is just a sore. We obviously found muscles we don’t use often. But the strawberries were the best we’ve ever had! We had picked extra so the Alicia could have some as well, but we still found that we had way too many. So we gave a bunch of them away. And then we froze two cookie sheets worth for smoothies and strawberry topping (for waffles or ice cream).

We decided that we’ll do this again next year. But we’ll bring a couple of mats to kneel on instead of trying to bend over or sit on the ground (which often resulted in sitting on berries because the rows were so close together.) And we’ll only get one basket and not pick the whole row!

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Picking

  1. WOW we really wish we could have been there to WATCH you guys picking berries. So sorry we missed that.