Last day of Kindergarten

Today was the last day of school. I think I was as excited as Alex. 🙂

Imagine my dismay when they sent home a packet to work on over the summer. I know we *should* work on it (and we probably will, eventually), but man, I was looking forward to no homework.

On the plus side, I checked on the summer reading program through the library early this year and got them started the very first day the program began, May 14th. I signed up both of them, not just Alex this year. Since we got started a month earlier, hopefully we won’t be scrambling at the end of the summer trying to get to Level 4. Beth has 4 hours of reading in for the summer reading program and has attained level 1. Alex has 7.25 hours in. He’s halfway to level 2. Beth plays around a lot more when we’re getting ready for bed, so while Alex has been getting in at least 15 minutes per night, Beth is getting in about half that. Some nights, when there’s only 1 of us available, she ends up getting the same as Alex because we have to get them both ready before we start reading to either. Tonight, she came upstairs early and we ended up reading for 5 minutes (and then playing Yahtzee on my Kindle for 15 minutes) before it was time to get ready for bed. Other nights we’re running late and they get in little to no reading. (Nights at Bill & Olya’s really don’t lend themselves to reading when we get home at 9pm.)

I was considering letting them stay up later in the summer, but I think instead we’ll start getting ready for bed at the same time, and they can have some extra reading time.

So now Alex gets to spend two days at Barb’s. Then, on Friday, Lisa and I made arrangements to take the kids to a petting zoo. Next week Alex is attending a 1 week Soccer Camp at the Y. They’ll spend at least 4 hours on 4 of the days doing soccer, and the rest of the time doing other Y-camp activities (which should include swimming). The 5th day they go on a field trip. That week they are supposed to go to Discovery World. Then Alex will be back at Barb’s until mid-July when he has another camp at the Y – Lego! That week they are supposed to go to a Wave soccer game. I would have signed Beth up for camps the same weeks Alex was there, but she’s not old enough. Next year she can go. Adrianna is attending a Princess camp in Aug that Beth probably would have liked.

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