I think she’s got it!

So I’m almost afraid to write this post because the last time I posted anything on this topic on Facebook, I jinxed myself. But I’m so excited that I just need to write this.

I think Beth is finally on the path to being potty trained!

Last Saturday she started showing signs that she wanted to potty train. Unfortunately, it was an absolutely crazy weekend that involved two different babysitters on two different days and a birthday party for the Finnegan children, so there was no way I was going to take her out of diapers. Although Lisa (our baby-sitter on Sunday) did say I could if I wanted to, she was willing to deal with it. I did encourage her to keep her diaper dry both days. So Sunday night when we got home I switched her into underwear. And she did fine for the last couple of hours of the day.

Monday she went to daycare in underwear. She had 1 accident and Barb said it was towards the end of the day. She had at least 1 accidents that night – it happened so close to bedtime that I just put a diaper on for bed.

Tuesday we tried again. Beth was at Barb’s an extra two hours because of Alex’s make-up soccer game. She again had 1 accident, right towards the end of the day. She didn’t have time to have an accident that night since we pretty much went straight to bed after we got home.

Wednesday we tried again. She stayed dry all day at Barb’s! Wednesday morning I had told her that if she stayed dry all day, she could have hot chocolate.1 She was still dry at 6pm. I posted my elation on Facebook and went to make her hot chocolate. 15 minutes later, she had an accident. Oops! She still got her hot chocolate. Unfortunately, she had another accident later when she needed to poop. But, this time instead of just peeing it all out like she always had in the past, I could tell that she stopped peeing and ran for the potty. All of the poop made it into the potty, and a little pee. I was very encouraged by that. Yes, she was wet, but she wasn’t soaked.

Thursday, we tried again. Truly, it was going so very much better than any attempt before that it wasn’t time to give up. I asked her before I dropped her off at Barb’s what she wanted for her reward if she stayed dry all day. Black Olives. Deal! She got her black olives that night, and stayed dry all the way through the Finnegan visit. I still wasn’t prepared to have to change wet sheets, so she went into a diaper at the end of the night. But, her diaper had been dry every night except Monday, so she probably didn’t need it by then.

Friday, for obvious reasons, we did it again. She stayed dry all day, and all evening. That night I let her wear her underwear to bed. Right before I left, I told her that she should go potty as soon as she wakes up in the morning so she doesn’t get her pretty nightgown wet. She must have heeded my advice because when I finally got up at 9am, she was still dry. And I had forgotten to tell Eric she was in underwear and not a diaper, so I’m sure he wouldn’t have thought to remind her, so it was all her.

She stayed dry all day today. And other than 1 incident on Mon, she’s done all her pooping in the potty as well. She was a little damp when it was bedtime, so we put on another dry pair, but that’s totally OK with me! I’m so happy! We might actually have bought our last package of diapers. And I won’t have to pack them for the trip to OH.

We might still bring a few diapers, just in case. And the trip itself is a little daunting, so I’m not sure if we’ll risk it or go with a diaper. My co-worker and friend, Lisa, said that she would just pad the car-seat with a towel (and maybe a plastic bag under that to protect the seat itself), bring along a potty chair, and give it a shot so as not to risk her reverting. She said that on their first long trip after potty training they just stopped a bit more than usual, and every time they stopped, everyone went in to try to go potty. Still debating. Maybe if we stop every other rest-area (about once an hour), Beth just might be OK. She’s still got 3 more weeks of practice before we have to actually do it, so her timing is pretty good.

1As a side note, I stopped giving Beth hot chocolate because she always makes a mess. I think it’s because she hasn’t really mastered a spoon and she’s trying to use the spoon to drink it and eat her marshmallows and it’s just such a mess. She asked for hot chocolate on Tue night, which is what gave me the idea Wed morning. And yes, she made a huge mess with the hot chocolate on Wed. But it was worth it!

6 thoughts on “I think she’s got it!

  1. Fantastic!!! Sounds like she finally made up her mind to be a big girl. We’re actually surprised it took her this long. Good job Beth, we’re very proud of you.

  2. If hot chocolate proves to be a good bribery tool then maybe you can kill two birds with one stone. Teach her to stop making messes in her pants and with her spoon!

  3. Good job Beth. I agree with Aunt Leigh and Aunt Mary Ellen. Keep making mommie and daddy happy, you can do it!

  4. I’m also surprised it took this long seeing as she’s been peeing on the potty since she was 18 months old. But we figured out a while back that this had to be done on her terms and no amount of pushing by us was going to help. In fact, it seemed to hinder. So we just watched and waited. Fortunately, Barb is very patient as well. I am very happy to be able to stop buying diapers!