Tae Kwon Do Testing

So last Tuesday night, after soccer practice, Alex tested for his Orange Belt. They told us that he had to wait until the following Wednesday in class to find out if he passed. Ugh! So not fair! But let’s back up for a second.

We found out about testing two weeks before it happened. I knew it would be in May, but I was expecting it to be late in the month, not on the 15th! So the first week I tried to get Alex to practice at home because I knew that although he had gotten his stripes indicating he knew his forms, one-steps and self-defense, he wasn’t ready to do it w/o at least a little bit of prompting. He kept fighting me. Didn’t want to practice. Pretty typical of Alex, actually. He didn’t practice even once that week.

So then the following Wed at class, she asked him if he was testing next week. He said yes. I said unless he starts practicing, he’s not. I wasn’t willing to blow $60 for him to test and fail. She told him that he had to practice 5 times between now and the test. All on different days, or twice on one day, none on another. She didn’t care. But 5 times. He agreed. And you know what? He did it. With no arguments and no getting upset when I correct him. We missed Thu & Fri because I had the flu. So Sat & Sun we practiced once in the morning and once in the afternoon. And then once on Monday. And by Monday, I felt he knew it and said he could test.

Testing itself was interesting having never even seen it before. Alex did fairly well. He doesn’t exactly know when to keep his mouth shut. At one point Alex said “I’m not used to saying “Yes, Sir” because my teacher is a girl. I say “Yes Ma’am””. His teacher (who was also one of the three judges) was trying (and failing) to hide her laughter. As was I. He also kept getting distracted by the class going on behind him in the same room and kept missing instructions. And I could tell he was struggling a little when it was his turn to test. Plus they had another white belt next to him, and that was really distracting him. There were only 9 kids testing and they had 2-3 go at the same time to speed things up. We were done in 45 minutes. And then they dismissed us and we had to wait until today. I actually intended to write this post last week and let you all stew right along side of us. But I didn’t.

Today we found out how he did. You may have to turn your sound up a bit, it didn’t record well.

I will admit that his teacher tipped me off last week when she said to Alex “Mom might want to bring a camera next week, just in case.”. I’m assuming she wouldn’t have bothered to remind me if he hadn’t passed.

Alex, ATA Tae Kwon Do 8th Grade Orange Belt

We’ve agreed that he can take the summer off from Tae Kwon Do. He said to me on the way home tonight “I’m not quitting, I’m just taking the summer off. I’ll go back in the fall.” As it turns out, they’re not teaching this summer at the Y. There’s some problems that they have to work out before they start again. His instructor also teaches though the Milwaukee Rec Department, so if they don’t end up back at the Y, I know where to find her.

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