Student Showcase – May 2012 edition

It’s bellydance performance time again. Please notice that I managed to smile through more than half of it! Last time I didn’t smile at all, so I was working on that. 🙂 I danced the first couple of minutes with Denise, who I danced with last time as well. Then Amber and Anna danced. Then the four of us danced together. Our 4 minute song went by very quickly! Eric took the movie and Olya was in the front row taking pictures. I didn’t even see her there!

Kate (my teacher) described us as her level 2 1/2 class. Officially, we’re a level 2 class, but when the last newbie dropped out this session, we were left with four level 3 students, plus me. Since Kate wants me to move to level 3 anyway (which I can’t because of scheduling conflicts), she declared us to be a level 3 class and started teaching me level 3 moves. We’re still working on level 2 stuff as well, but it’s nice to have some new stuff. For the record, Denise and I managed to do no level 3 moves during our duet. While we can both follow the moves, neither of us are completely comfortable leading them ourselves.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, the American Tribal Style (ATS) of bellydancing is completely improvised. The person at the front left position is the leader. Her arm and head movements tell the rest of us what to do and we simply follow her. Although we sometimes try to plan things, in the heat of the moment, you often end up not doing anything like you planned, so we really don’t put too much effort into planning. I very much like this style because there’s no choreography to learn and no routines to get bored with. We can do the same song multiple times, and dance it differently every time.

Enjoy the video:

6 thoughts on “Student Showcase – May 2012 edition

  1. Very nice show Shannon. We see even more improvement over the last showcase. Keep up the good work. You look like you are having fun.

  2. You’re right, Olya. I did forget to mention that I made the pantaloons myself. And that the scarf in my hair I made too, from the scraps.