Still insanely busy!

So life has gotten a little crazy around here. For the Feb-April session, Beth was signed up for Ballet (Mon) and Swimming (Thu) – alone for the first time! More on that in a minute. Alex had Tae Kwon Do (Wed), Swimming (Thu), and Ice Skating (Sat). I had bellydancing on Mondays. Plus my online Java class.

Beth’s first swim class alone was a bit of a mixed bag. I was terrified she would totally refuse to go to class and it would be a complete disaster. It wasn’t a complete disaster, but it wasn’t a success either. She missed the first week because she was sick. Once she started going, she refused to get in the water, except 1 single time when she jumped in. And then refused to try to swim back to the wall. She would move around the side of the pool with them, but wouldn’t get in the water. But after class, I had no problem getting her to get in the pool with me. I saw decided improvement in her not screaming bloody murder when she got splashed in the face. So that is one good thing. But the 2nd last class she refused to even stay for class. That week she screamed when I tried to leave her – I ended up taking her in the other pool with me and Alex. Normally I swam with Alex in the big pool during her class and then swam with her during Alex’s class. (I couldn’t get them in class at the same time and didn’t want to split it on multiple days.)

This refusal to go to class happened the 2nd week that she had refused to go to Ballet as well. The 1st time she refused to stay for Ballet, she missed swimming for the second time because she was sick again. I thought maybe she wouldn’t go to Ballet because she wasn’t feeling good. The 2nd time she wouldn’t go to Ballet, I knew something was up. The next week we skipped both Ballet and Swimming to take a bit of a break. We skipped Alex’s swim class too – the only thing we went to that week was Tae Kwon Do. By this point, I had already signed them up for the Apr-Jun session. So the first day of the session, I tried to take her to Ballet. She wouldn’t stay in for class. Was fine and seemingly excited right up until it was time for me to leave the room. I ended up stopping at the desk on our way out and asking if I could pull her out and get a refund. They agreed.

The week she refused to go to swim class, the swim instructor suggested we try Pike with Parent instead of the no-parent class. Supposedly they try to get the parent out of the water by week 4. But by this time, a lot of the swim classes were full. I could get her in the Thursday class, but Alex was going to have to stick with the Friday class I originally signed him up for (she was also supposed to go Fri). We decided that being at the Y 5 nights a week was ridiculous and decided to pull her out of swimming. Since I was planning to take the summer off swimming anyway, we’ll try again with her in the fall.

Alex has been moved from preschool swim classes to the non-preschool classes. We put him in Guppy, which was the 2nd non-preschool class. I was a little worried that he’d be in over his head, but I really didn’t want to put him in the beginner class when he had been promoted all the way to the highest preschool class. I didn’t need to worry – he’s one of the two best swimmers in the class. And, as an added bonus, his Tae Kwon Do teacher is his swim teacher. Way cool!

So after pulling Beth out of Ballet and Swimming, we’re down to just 3 classes, all of them Alex’s: Soccer on Tue, Tae Kwon Do on Wed, and Ice Skating on Sun. Then, just this week, we found out that Tue soccer has now turned into Tue & Sat soccer – they have “games” on Sat mornings. The coach said they were optional, but with only 8 kids per team, I imagine that they might need him. So we’ll go. Glad now that the Saturday Ice Skating class that we took in Feb/Mar was not offered for the Apr/May session or we would have had a serious conflict!

On top of all this, my Java class has been going on as well, with assignments due every Monday. Getting harder and requiring more and more time each week. We have our final assignment due on Mon and our exam due next Mon and then I’m done. Thank goodness! Not that it wasn’t a good class, but I’m ready to be done.

Alex will be testing for his Orange belt in Tae Kwon Do a week from Tuesday. As it works out, the testing starts 10 minutes after his soccer practice ends. It’s going to be a long night since it doesn’t start until 6:45 – he’s usually in bed an hour later. I’m not totally sure he’s ready to test, but his teacher says he is. We need to start practicing at home every night. I mentioned it to him last night, but we never actually got around to doing it. Oops.

3 thoughts on “Still insanely busy!

  1. Sounds like Beth needs a break from doing things. Maybe if she sees Alex still going and having fun, she’ll be ready for swimming in the fall.

  2. Let me see if I can find the place I ordered kicking targets from. They are reasonable priced, and a huge help when he practices.

  3. Beth is still young and she will do things at her own pace. When she is ready to venture further out into more fun activities, she will not refuse to go to so many places. Pretty soon she will be telling you “Mom, I’m bored” and then the fun begins. Have patience with her and let Alex continue to grow and she will catch up soon.

    Love, Aunt Lynn