Alex’s first bicycle

We bought Alex his first 2-wheel bicycle today. We’ve been talking about it for a few weeks now, and looking into used ones. I wasn’t really finding anything really cheap and then figured out that buying a used one was going to save us like $10 over all. Then the ad for Toys R Us came out this weekend and they’re having a bike trade-in sale. Bring in any used bicycle or tricycle and get $20, $30 or $50 off a new bike (depending on the cost of the bike you’re buying). So we decided that rather than hang onto the very old, cruddy 20″ bike that we were given for Jenna (that Beth probably wouldn’t use for another 6 or 7 years anyway), that we’d trade it in towards a new bike for Alex.

So Alex and I went bike shopping today. I was quite surprised that several of the bikes were sold out already – we were there a little over a week ago to figure out what size bike Alex needed and all the bikes were in the racks. Because of that, I almost had to buy a $79.99 one, but at the last minute I spotted a $59.99 one. The bike itself was missing, but the tag was there. I asked the lady that was working there about it and she said she was actually about to go get that bike down off the upper rack. So Alex tried that one out, and he seemed to be able to handle that one better than the one we were about to buy. They were both 16″ bikes, but the frame on the first one was a little bigger, I think. So we took the floor model of the cheaper one home since it was the last one they had. And I got them to waive the $10 assembly fee since I would have gladly taken it in a box if I could have. Plus we got $20 off for the trade in. So Alex is now the very proud owner of a new bike:

And Beth has now inherited the tricycle that we bought Alex when he was 3.

Alex didn’t actually ride the tricycle until he was 4 1/2, when his legs got long enough to reach the pedals. He rode it last year as well. Beth is able to ride it this year, at 3 1/4. And hopefully in a year or two Toys R Us will do this sale again and we can trade in the tricycle towards Beth’s first bike.

4 thoughts on “Alex’s first bicycle

  1. Judging by the smile on Beth’s face. she has no problem with a hand me down bike!
    Alex looks like he enjoys looking into the sun and getting his picture taken as much as Grandma does.

  2. They look happy to be outdoors. Enjoy your rides Alex and Beth,

    Love, Aunt Lynn and Uncle Jeff