Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Or maybe I should say “Happy Leprechaun Day”, as Alex has been referring to it all night. Alex is so excited about Leprechaun Day. He’s hoping to see one. In fact, he built a Leprechaun Trap!

His plan is that the leprechaun is going to crawl up the ladder in the front (click on the picture!). Then, because the paper plates are not well supported, the leprechaun will fall through and get stuck. Of course he was also talking about the leprechaun leaving chocolate gold coins behind if he got out. The leprechaun must have been out of gold coins, because he left behind some gummi berries instead. From the looks of it, the leprechaun must have had wings like Alex suspected because he flew right out the top! 😉

Fortunately, Alex also suspected that the leprechaun was going to escape. He would have been bummed if he really thought he could catch one.

4 thoughts on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

  1. Hey Alex,

    Very creative and great box work. Maybe next time the leprechaun will get caughts!

    Love, Aunt Lynn