Another First for Alex

When I picked Alex up from all day camp today, Miss Shantee told him “I didn’t tell your mom.” Alex looked at her in confusion. “I didn’t tell your mom. Do you know what I’m talking about?” His face lit up, he giggled, and he left to go get his backpack. She said “I’ll let him tell you. You’ll notice, but the story is good. I hope he remembers it.” (By which point I was completely confused!)

He came back, smiled at me and said “I lost my tooth!”. His very first tooth! Miss Shantee had to prompt him a bit, but the story goes that he lost his tooth and started bleeding. He drank some water and it stopped. Then they looked all over the floor and couldn’t find his tooth. Someone finally picked up the Rice Krispie Treat he was eating, and there it was, embedded in the square!” They sent it home in a little purple treasure box. 🙂

So of course, being the first lost tooth, we had to make a big deal out of it. So we went upstairs when we got home to tell Daddy, who happened to be home early. When Alex was getting it out to show Daddy, Beth wanted to see it too. So Eric made her put her hand out flat and Alex dropped it in her palm. Beth immediately (and very quickly) moved her hand towards her mouth to pop it in! I yelled “No Beth!” and Eric grabbed her hand. Fortunately for us, it was still stuck to the side of her hand! We gave the tooth back to Alex and I comforted Beth, who was scared and not sure what had just happened. Poor kid.

So then we picked out his tooth holder. Would it be Mommy’s old tooth-shaped wooden box, or the new plastic tooth-shaped one that we got from the dentist? Fortunately for me, it was the new one, which also happened to be on a string. Instead of tucking it under his pillow, we hung it on the side of the bed –
“So it would be really easy for the tooth fairy to find.” 😉

The tooth fairy has come and gone, but boy she had trouble stuffing two $1 bills in that tiny little container! Fortunately, I hear the going rate is $1 per tooth and only the first one is worth double! And I hear she was grateful not to have to climb up the ladder to the upper bunk and fish underneath a pillow looking for a tooth.

(But boy is his tooth small. To me, it looks to be about the size of a grain of long-grain rice. Maybe just a touch thicker on one end. It didn’t look that tiny when it was in his mouth!)

5 thoughts on “Another First for Alex

  1. Tell Alex that Aunt Mary Ellen says that if he loses any tooth on a Wednesday, the tooth fairy pays double 🙂 At least that is what the tooth fairy in our house used to do. You can’t believe how many times our kids held onto a lose tooth until Wednesday just to get double. Of course, the tooth fairy was only paying 25 cents in those days!!!

  2. He looks so cute with the missing tooth! Good thing they inspected his rice crispy treat before he ate his profits!

  3. The tooth fairy pays double at Grandma and Pop’s house in Texas also. So far the tooth fairy only leaves a dollar to two. Great story and one I am sure will not be forgotten.

    Love, Aunt Lynn