Last weekend I was standing in the kitchen when Beth walked in. She headed straight for a drawer, opened it and reached in. Came out with a screwdriver. Then she walked out of the kitchen with it, without saying a word. So I followed her. Then I went and got the camera because this is what she was doing:

She had dropped something down the grate and was trying to get it out herself. Fortunately for me, she had the wrong screwdriver because a few minutes later, she dropped that in too. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Screwdriver?

  1. We can think of one other three year old that thought like that! Good luck, because she was a wild ride!!!!

  2. Tonight I had Beth on my lap, and we saw the picture. She saw it and said,

    Me: “No, it’s you Beth. See the screwdriver?”
    Beth: “Oh, it’s me.”