All Good Things Must Come to an End

Well here it is, the last day of NaBloPoMo. Somehow I thought that we’d have plenty to blog about, but at times I didn’t have much simply because of spending so much time at the Y. And time at the Y usually didn’t mean time with the kids, but rather time when kids were in classes and I was doing my own thing.

The new schedules came out for the two sessions running from Jan-April. We’ve scoped things out and I decided that since I am going to be taking a programming class through MATC (Milwaukee Area Technical College) next semester, we’re going to cut Alex back to 2 classes instead of 3. In Feb when the 2nds session is starting, we’ll evaluate if we can handle more. Fortunately my class is online, so I can do the studying and homework on my schedule (i.e. after kids are in bed and on lunch-breaks) and not have to worry about making (or missing) actual classes. This class will help me to be more valuable at my work -and less likely to be laid off! And my work will even reimburse me for the tuition, so that makes it even better. I’ve been considering this for 2 years and could never find the time. Probably should have done it two years ago, but better late than never.

Anyway, the tentative plan puts all our classes on Mondays. Alex had expressed an interest in Karate many months back, so we asked him if he wanted to try
Tae Kwon Do. He very enthusiastically said yes! The only catch was the class was either Mon or Wed at 4pm. 4pm is a little early, even with me getting off work at 3:30. But I talked to my boss and I’ll work a little late on Tue to make up for leaving a little early on Mon. Beth absolutely loves Ballet and asks almost every night if we’re going to Ballet class. She’s so excited on Mondays when I can say yes! So she’s going to do that again for her class. And my bellydancing is moving from Wed nights to Mon nights, so we’ll get all our classes done in a single day, even mine.

So here’s the plan for Mondays during the Winter I session:
   4:00-4:45   Alex   Tae Kwon Do
   5:05-5:35   Alex   Swimming (Ray)
   5:45-6:15   Beth   At the Ballet
   7:45-8:45   Me     Bellydancing

My co-worker Lisa said that she could bring Adrianna to swim from 5:30-600 and watch Alex for me while I drop Beth off at class. Adrianna is taking the Ballet class after Beth’s, at 6:30, so they have to come to the Y anyway. I’ll come back to the pool and get him dressed before picking up Beth from her class. Mondays will be a little crazy, but it will be worth it not to have to run to the Y on 3 different days for 3 different classes. But since I cut the number of Alex’s classes back, and swimming is non-negotiable, ice skating is off the table for now. I’m a little bummed because I was enjoying it, but we can add it back in when things settle down. And once they open the ice rinks in the parks, I might be able to find time to take him to ice skate, since I can at least skate a little bit myself now.

I know that the Winter II session will change because Alex has to transition into the non-preschool swim classes and I really should get Beth back into swimming. By that point I can put her in the no-parent Pike class that Alex started in a few months ago. I’m looking at possibly Friday nights since that’s the only day I can coordinate their swim classes to be at almost the same time (and therefore only have to deal with showers once a week!) But as Eric would say, “That’s a long time off!”, so we can wait and see how things shake down.

4 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come to an End

  1. Monday should be hectic but the rest of the week should be peaceful. Hope this schedule works out for you.

  2. I will be so proud of Alex when he takes Tae Kwon Do! It’s a great discipline for anyone to take, and I enjoyed it immensely. Maybe I can give him some practice lessons?

  3. Leigh, I thought that was the discipline you took, so I felt pretty good about picking it for him. They also offered Kung Fu, but reading descriptions on the two, Tae Kwon Do sounded like the better choice. I just hope he likes it! And you can give him some practice lessons if you like. His class doesn’t start until Jan 2nd, so he won’t know anything yet.

  4. If you give him some lessons, Leigh, next year he will be thankful for Aunt Leigh, too!!!